Future Shock #4

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By various artists

Future Shock #4 is an Astro-Psyche-Out Sci-Fi Anthology edited by Josh Burggraf.  Issue Four-Astro Sci-Fi Factory Standard edition features comics by Jordan SpeerMichael Rae Grant & Gabriel Winslow-YostVictor KerlowVincent GiardAnuj ShresthaAlex DegenKevin CzapiewskiSean T. Collins & William CardiniMax BodeZach Hazard VaupenLale WestvindSaman Bemel Benrud, and Josh Burg Graf  

7.5″ x 10.5″, 54 pages. $8
Color cover by Jordan Speer & full-color interior! 

*** OUT OF PRINT ***


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interior page by Saman Bemel Benrud
Interior page by Lale Westvind
Interior page by Zach Hazard Vaupen
Interior page by William Cardini & Sean T. Collins
Interior page by Kevin Czapiewski
Interior page by Alex Degen
Interior page by Josh Burggraf
Interior page by Jordan Speer
Interior image by Victor Kerlow, esq.
Interior page by Michael Rae Grant & Gabriel Winslow-Yost