By Jamie Vayda

A new issue of LOUD for a new year!

Featuring stories written by Eric Perfect (Kadillac Tattoo, Rancid Vat, Double Penetration, Limecell, The Heels, Hellstomper, The Workhorse III), Christian Maes (Belgium Television writer, Captain Catastrophy: The International Man of Danger), Alan King (Polecat Boogie Revival, Beer Drinking Christians, Hellstomper), Joel Rivers (The Early Graves, Evel Kow, Before I Hang), Erika Lane (DISAPpointed PARents, Early Graves, KILLZALL, The Stovebolts) and a cover by Aaron Rayborn (Vorpal Hand, Malamute, Kookaburra). Every story made into comix by none other than Jamie Vayda (The Stovebolts, Before I Hang, The Vaydamen, Prom Guilt, Trench Knives)!

Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

5.5″ x 8.5″, 32 pages. $6
B&w on fuchsia coverstock with b&w interior 

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story by Christian Maes, art by Jamie Vayda
story by Alan King, art by Jamie Vayda
Story by Erika Lane, art by Jamie Vayda
Story by Eric Perfect, art by Jamie Vayda
Story by Joel Rivers, art by Jamie Vayda