Heel On The Shovel #2

H.O.T. Press Comics
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"Heel on the Shovel: Book 2" by Steven Arnold & Michael Kamison

Heel on the Shovel: Book 2 is a continuation of the series. Following the tragic death of Muriel Elkhart, her husband Adler is wracked with guilt. In his grief and mania he devises a supernatural plan to bring her back and make amends. This installment is the second of three books and follows up with the lovable characters Rocky and Klaudia and toddlers  Daniel and Margaret. Plus a mysterious detective enters the story. Drama, science fiction, and body horror collide in Heel on the Shovel Book 2.

Published by H.O.T. Press Comics

10.5" x 6.75", 82 pages. $15
Full-color cover and interior. Perfect-bound
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