Birdcage Bottom Books was founded by J.T. Yost in 2008 with the help of a Xeric Grant with the goal to help independent artists get their work into more hands.

Over the years Birdcage Bottom Books has traveled far and wide in pursuit of this goal; our comics have been distributed worldwide and we make regular appearances at indie comic conventions like SPX, MoCCA and CAB. Comics published through the BBB have been nominated for and/or won multiple awards including the Eisners, Ignatz, Charly Eiselt, DiNKY and Japan Media Arts awards!

As much love and passion as J.T. brought to the business, time marches on, and in 2020 he brought Daniel on as Head of Distribution in preparation for his eventual exit from the business in order to spend more time with his family and to extend his career to bigger and better things. In conjunction with the distro, Daniel and his wife Camille opened Birdcage Comics Cafe in San Bernardino, California.

Even with his eventual departure looming, J.T. continued to build the business and in 2022, Birdcage Comics partnered with Microcosm Publishing. They represent us in the book trade, helping us expand our reach to the furthest corners of brick and mortor stores and across the internet. 

In May 2023 J.T. exited the business, leaving his coop and moving on to his next chapter.

And now, we come to the present era of Birdcage Bottom Comics. Our focus is mostly on memoir style comics; we love highlighting the peculiar, hilarious, and poignant moments of every day life. Come check out our offerings! We sell not just comics published by us but also works put out by other small trade publishers as well as self-published material.

Submissions for distribution and publication are currently closed as we make sure we grow the company right. We are currently restructuring the BBB and will open submissions again once we have all our ducks and other fowl in a line.

A stylized drawing of a bird against a teal and blue background with bird sillouettes in teh background. The bird in the foreground is green, wearing a backwards maroon baseball cap with a friendly expression.

Daniel (he/him) is a writer, illustrator, comic book artist, manager and owner of the Birdcage Comics Cafe, and Head of Distribution for Birdcage Bottom Books! In a constant battle between his love for comics and a struggle to get enough sleep to survive, he does everything humanly possible to get your orders out as quick as a bird.


Camille (she/they) is an illustrator and public health professional based in Southern California. As far back as she could remember, she was drawing but as a second-generation filipina (and at the insistence of her parents) she had to pick a degree in healthcare. Luckily, she found a Master’s in Business Administration program that was offered through a school of public health which would satisfy the criteria of a health care field but also allow her to learn how to make art her business. Along the way she developed a love for public health, specifically the social justice aspect of it and discovered that art can be an effective tool in community education. Camille is currently trying to balance business, public health, and art in her life.  While she’s not doing one of those three things, she is working on being the most annoying record store patron possible, ready to drop the name of some obscure band you’ve never heard of or playing video games. 




A drawing of a stylized crow on a perch against a purple background. The crow is black with blue highlights in their feathers, glasses, and a cup of coffee in one claw.


Email us at:
birdcagebottomshipping (at) gmail (dot) com (Shipping, General Inquiries)


We are revamping and re-imagining a new Birdcage and while we do that we are not currently taking submissions for distribution or publishing.

BIRDCAGE COMICS CAFE AND HQ - If you're out West, come say Hi!

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