Thanks For The Sour Persimmons, Cousin

Pat Barrett
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"Thanks For The Sour Persimmons, Cousin" by Ben Horak & Pat Barrett

It’s another miserable day on a full-ass bus when an angel descends bearing the gift of Unity! That’s when things really get ugly. Thanks for the Sour Persimmons, Cousin spins from slice-of-life comedy, through gruesome body horror, and into an examination of the pressures of the lifestyle angelic.

The comic is also the first team-up of CCS alumni Ben Horak & Pat Barrett. Haven’t heard of em? They make Grump Toast and Oak & Linden comics, respectively. Never seen those? Well they’ve also both been in Irene, if that helps. Still not ringing a bell? Awww that’s OK, I haven’t heard of em either, and I’m one of em!

8" x 10", 8 pages. $5
Full-color cover + interior. Saddle-stitched