The Re-Up #3

Chad Bilyeu
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Before he was known as “Chad in Amsterdam”, Chad Bilyeu spent a decade in Washington, DC where he lived many lives. Most notably he worked at and graduated from Georgetown University. However, unbeknownst to most he also sold copious amounts of drugs there. The Re-up #3" By Chad Bilyeu & Juliette de Wit
The Re-Up is a crime story unlike any other; as it details how Bilyeu sold drugs from 2004 to 2008 at Georgetown University in Washington DC and later throughout the East Coast of America. The life of a drug dealer is given nuance and depth rarely seen, as told directly by the person who actually lived the life.

Chad’s weed operation is in the incipient stage and seemingly going well, but he still hasn’t mustered up the strategy or the nerve to sell at Georgetown University. During a rather serendipitous work day, he discovers valuable information that manifests some fresh ideas on how he can succeed. 

WRITER • Chad Bilyeu •

ARTIST • Juliette de Wit •

Published by Bistro Books
152mm x 229mm, 6" x 9"
24 pages. $9.00 usd
two-color covers and interior. saddle-stitched.