Nothing Nice To Say: Complete Discography

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"Nothing Nice To Say: Complete Discography" by Mitch Clem

Nothing Nice To Say made its debut online in early 2002, satirizing all aspects of punk music and culture, and quickly grew to a level of popularity that would make creator Mitch Clem cash in and sell out overnight if only he’d had any idea how to.

Now, years after unceremoniously disappearing from the internet entirely, Nothing Nice To Say is still revered as a cult classic among fans of punk rock and comics alike.

Finally, here it is: A complete, definitive collection of Nothing Nice to Say in its entirety. Containing the entire archive of comics (give or a take a strip or three), hard-to-find rarities that never appeared on the site, crossover events, and the full run of The Coffee Achievers, the spinoff miniseries that makes Nothing Nice’s cult popularity seem positively mainstream by comparison.

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Published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club

6" x 9", 248 pages. $24.99
Full-color cover with b+w interior. Perfect-bound GN