Typhon, Vol. 1

Danny Hellman
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TYPHON, VOL. 1 features new work by forty-two talented cartoonists from across the US, Canada, South America and Europe. TYPHON’s contributor list includes many favorites of the alternative comics scene, as well as a number of exciting talents who will be new to most readers. Edited by Danny Hellman, published by Dirty Danny Press.

A partial list of TYPHON contributors’ credits reads as follows:

Ken Avidor - (Punk Magazine, Comical Funnies, Stop, Weirdo)
Gregory Benton - (Dirty Stories, DC’s Big Books series, World War Three Illustrated, Project: Telstar)
Rupert Bottenberg - (Cyclope, Real Stuff)
David Chelsea - (David Chelsea in Love)
Victor “Bald Eagles” Cayro - (Kramer’s Ergot, Project: Superior, House of Twelve)
Glenn Head - (Hotwire, Snake Eyes)
Danny Hellman - (DC’s Bizarro World & Big Books series, Last Gasp Comix & Stories)
Tim Lane - (Hotwire)
David Paleo - (House of Twelve, Hotwire)
Pshaw - (St. Ink, Arthur Magazine)Hans Rickheit - (Kramer’s Ergot, Paper Rodeo, Chrome Fetus Comics)

Complete list of TYPHON’s contributors:

Ken Avidor, Derek Ballard, Gregory Benton, Rupert Bottenberg, DJ Bryant, Mark Campos, David Chelsea, Chris Cilla, Max Clotfelter, Patrick Dean, Bald Eagles, Chance Fiveash, Richard Gagnon, Nicholas Gazin, Robert Goodin, Glenn Head, Danny Hellman, Hugo, Hawk Krall, Tim Lane, Jeff LeBlanc, Pat Moriarty, Cliff Mott, David Paleo, Lorenz Peter, Grant Reynolds, Hans Rickheit, Pshaw, Jim Siergey, R. Sikoryak, Doug Skinner, Fiona Smyth, Steak Mtn., Takeshi Tadatsu, Tobias Tak, Eric Theriault, Matthew Thurber, Motohiko Tokuta, Rich Tommaso, Rick Trembles, Henriette Valium, Dalton Webb, & Chris Wright.

ISBN: 978-0-9709363-3-2

192 pages, 8.75" x 10"
Full-color covers and interior. Perfect-bound TPB

 For mature readers