Heart Shaped Tears

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club
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"Heart Shaped Tears" by Abby Jame

In the age of the Anthropocene, girls are tired and jaded. And yet, we are the last reminders of glittering purity. Not dumb sexual purity, but light and love, laughing in beds, sneaking out like the most important thing in the entire world is on the other side of your parent’s driveway. We feel deeply, we express when we feel like it, we cry Heart Shaped Tears.

Comics, illustrations, aliens, elves, boys who don’t text back, words, and cartoons from the sci-fi sad girl Abby Jame

Published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club

8" x 8", 108 pages. $24.99
Full-color covers and interior. Hardcover edition with pink sparkle spine!