Suspect Device #4

Josh Bayer
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"Suspect Device #4" anthology
edited by Josh Bayer

This issue features art inspired by The Phantom, Russian Prison Tattoos, Alley Oop and Popeye. Includes new Art by Ben Marra, Noah Van Sciver and a cast of international artists. Cover art by Raymond Pettibon and Josh Bayer (with Jack Mulkern & Edwin Vazquez).

Contributors: Josh Bayer, Jason Little, Benjamin Marra, Pat Moriarity, Emma Louthan, Pat Aulisio, Corrine Halbert, Alex Rothman, Andrea Tsurumi, JTW, Jude Killory, Jimmy Giegerich, Jacob Hamrick, Elizabeth Bethea, Matt Crabe, Mark Burt, Muriel Bellini, Noah Van Sciver, Karen Katz, Eric Reynolds, Jeff Ladouceur, Sabin Calvert, Aedward Nigma, Kelly Larson, Sasha Steinberg, Liz Marra, Kevin Scalzo, Joel Rich, Coco Roy, Sophia Wiedeman, Emily Yao & Jason T Miles

7.5" x 10.5", 72 pages. $8
Full-color cover with b&w interior (a few color pages!). Saddle-stitched