Free Money #4

Daniel McCloskey
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"Free Money #4" by Daniel McCloskey

In 2046 everybody hustles to get by, Neema Gould is just better at it. Dodging debt collectors and trying to sell a robot that fell from the sky are all in a days work, but today that work is getting tough--even for Neema. Free Money is like The Fifth Element meetsCannery Row--Blade Runner meets Girl Genius, drawn in the unique style that brought you Top of the Line.

Free Money written by a guy living in a van, a fantasy for the 99% of people who have to work for a living.
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7.25" x 11", 22 pages. $6
Full-color on newsprint in a limited-edition 4 color risograph cover (numbered, signed, and doodled on, with free foreign currency stapled into the comic). Saddle-stitched