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"TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology" 
edited by Haleigh Buck & J.T. Yost

From “tired of being pushed around” to “just plain tired”, the TOO TOUGH TO DIE anthology explores the spectrum of what it means to be an aging punk through personal stories by some of the best cartoonists around. Shifting perspectives on angsty rebellion, the importance of community, persistent racism within the scene, appearance and identity and more are covered within this 300+ page tome.

Co-editors Haleigh Buck and J.T. Yost have tapped preeminent punks including Josh Bayer, Emily Flake, Casanova Frankenstein, Hyena Hell, Janelle Blarg, Gideon Kendall, Carrie McNinch, Brother Malcolm, Liz Prince, Aaron Renier, Ben Snakepit, James Spooner and so many more to provide punk-themed autobiographical comics for your eager consumption.

Full list of contributors:
(Artists:) Steven Arnold, Josh Bayer, Gregory Benton, Janelle Blarg, Kyle Bravo, Haleigh Buck, Sophie Crumb, Emily Flake, CN “Pinky Frankenstein”, J. Gonzalez-Blitz, Sam Grinberg, Hyena Hell, Danny Hellman, Joakima Hillyard, Jordan Jeffries, Gideon Kendall, Victor Kerlow, Jim Kettner, Ayti Krali, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Steve Lafler, Will Laren, Brother Malcolm, Lynne Margeaux, Daniel McCloskey, Carrie McNinch, Adam Meuse, Robb Mirsky, Eva Müller, Fred Noland, Andrea Pearson, Josh PM, John Porcellino, Haley Simone Potter, Liz Prince, Jesse Reklaw, Aaron Renier, Chris Shary, Ben Snakepit, James Spooner, Robert Henry Stevenson, Steve Thueson, Lance Ward, Adam Yeater, J.T. Yost (Writers:) Mike Hunchback, Michael Kamison, Chris L. Terry 

Published by Birdcage Bottom Books

6” x 9”, 328 pages. $20
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound TPB
* Add a set of two 2-color risograph prints of Danny Hellman's endpaper artwork for just $2 more! *