Spinadoodles: The First Year

Sam Spina
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"Spinadoodles: The First Year" by Sam Spina

The first year of Sam Spina's daily auto-bio comic (from April 16th, 2009 to April 30th, 2010) is finally collected in one sweet, sweet package! It's 7" x 7" with over 100 pages (ok, 104 pages, but still, that's over 100) jam packed with comics. Even if you've read all of his comics since day one, there's some new content, and a few fun surprises! And chances are you've missed a few anyways!

7" x 7", 104 pages. $6
B+w printed on colored coverstock cover with b+w interior (4 pages of full-color, though!). Saddle-stitched