Spinadoodles: The Fifth Year (Know Me Now)

Tinto Press
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"Spinadoodles: The Fifth Year (Know Me Now)"

Spinafans rejoice! Sam Spina’s done it again in this 5th (and final?) collection of his wonderful diary comics, Spinadoodles. His finest work yet, the writing style, drawing ability, humor and sense of timing have all reached new Spinaheights. It’s a sensitivity-colliding-with-reality take on the world. In addition to all that, his design Spina-sense is impeccable. A must-read for all Spinafollowers. If you’re not, pick up a copy of Know Me Now, The 5th collection of Spinadoodles. You’ll be a fan too!

Published by Tinto Press

4" x 6", 176 pages. $10
Full-color cover with b&w interior. Perfect-bound GN