Mereological Nihilism

Maria Sweeney
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"Mereological Nihilism" anthology, edited by Eros Livieratos

Mereological Nihilism is an comic and illustration anthology focused on the prompt, "I lost my wife to mereological nihilism." We commissioned artists we admire to explore this topic and gave no revisions or restrictions to their interpretations.
Pieces include themes of loss, philosophy, and the inexplicable.

Contributors are:
Alabaster Pizzo
Alyssa Winscom
Maria Sweeney
Dean Haspiel
Ellie Craze
Gregory Benton
Liz Martinez
Pete Mandik
Robert Mely Jr.
Kaethe Butcher
Matthew William Taillon
Christa Cassano
Shannon Sczepanski

8" x 10.5", 44 pages. $15
Full-color covers and interior. Saddle-stitched