Cadaver Diaries

Kriota Willberg
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"Cadaver Diaries" by Kriota Willberg

What’s a cadaver lab like? What’s dissecting a cadaver like?

Are cadavers people, or bodies, or both?

 The study and dissection of human bodies changed Kriota’s relationship to drawing, to her massage therapy patients, and to the deaths of her parents. Cadaver Diaries is a philosophical memoir about death, art, healthcare, and relationships. Illustrated from 16 years of drawings from anatomy lab and figure drawing sketchbooks, this is a contemplative narrative of what it’s like to study, draw, and dissect cadavers, and what these dead bodies have meant to Kriota since she was a teenager.

 WARNING: This book is not for everyone! Some of these images graphically depict dissected cadavers. You may find them distressing!

6.5” x 6.5”, 26 pages. $10
Full-color covers and interiorSaddle-stitched