Cat Friends, Bird Acquaintances, and Their Human Furniture

Kriota Willberg
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"Cat Friends, Bird Acquantances, and Their Human Furniture" by Kriota Willberg


In addition to drawing comics, Kriota Willberg is an anatomical illustrator, which she mostly does under the supervision of her cat, Leski, who came up with the idea for this book while Kriota was working on a project for Movement Science Made Simple. This mini consists of 5 double-page spreads of the musculoskeletal system adorned by the cats Leski, Nibs, Didi, and Gogo, as well as a couple local birds who choose to remain anonymous. Think of Cat Friends… as a neo-anatomist picture book!  

5.5" x 8.5", 12 pages. $6
Full-color covers and interiorSaddle-stitched