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"(NO) PAIN!" by Kriota Willberg

The career-saving-mega-mini-comic (NO) PAIN! by Kriota Willberg gives the basics of injury prevention targeted specifically to cartoonists. It explains how injuries happen and what injuries commonly affect drawing professionals. You can learn what types of symptoms should be diagnosed by a doctor. There are simple exercises and routines to help correct posture and reduce pain and fatigue. Clear, informative, and packed with wholesome corrective goodness, this sixty page mega-minicomic can get you started practicing simple routines that will help take care of your most important drawing instrument --- your body! Although she has an impressive resume, Kriota is not a doctor. Using this book as a replacement for medical treatment is a stupid idea.

Should you ignore the advice in "(NO) PAIN!", "First Aid for Drawing Injuries" is also available in our shop!

5.5" x 4.25", 58 pages. $7
Full-color cover on beige cover-stock with b&w interior