God Hates Me

J.T. Yost
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"GOD HATES ME: A Life Derailed By The Westboro Baptist Church Cult" by J.T. Yost

This is the true story of Lauren Drain, one of the few outsiders accepted into the Westboro Baptist Church, an insular community headed by the Calvinist fundamentalist, Fred Phelps. When her father becomes a convert, her life is upended as she and her family are forced to adapt to the church's ideology of spreading "God's Word" through picketing the funerals of homosexuals, soldiers, and politicians and other publicity stunts. 

The story is informed by Lauren Drain's memoir, along with other exiled members' memoirs and talk show appearances, various documentaries, and additional research. The aim is to empathetically explore how cult indoctrination occurs without sensationalism or accusation. 

Originally drawn for the American Cult anthology (edited by Robyn Chapman, published by Silver Sprocket).

5.25" x 8", 24 pages. $10
4-color risograph covers with 2-color interior. Saddle-stitched
Edition of 200