Adventures of The Human Tree

Paul Hoppe
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“Adventures Of The Human Tree – A Journey Into Misery Story” by Paul Hoppe

Welcome to THE BEHOLDER Universe!
This latest gonzo-superhero extravaganza, fully printed in risograph, features a madcap adventure with a Human Tree, some cranky villains, an alcoholic rabbit, unnecessary nudity and a polite blob with an unstoppable hunger.

Kelly, a former investment banker and super heroine is trying a fresh start, chasing down a lost treasure with the help of hero for hire The Human Tree. But after an unfortunate encounter with an underwater witch, things don’t go as planned at all, and Kelly is reunited with her old friends Prof Madison and her anthropomorphic rabbit assistant, on a quest that brings us to the realm of– a third color!

* Includes a second limited edition mini-book: A Case For Super Science! *

5.25" x 8.25", 28 pages,
+ a second book, 4" x 5.125", 12 pages
2-color risograph throughout, with an occasional third color. Saddle-stitched
**Limited hand-numbered edition of 150**