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"LSBN" by Emma Jayne

A lesbian mech rom-com graphic novel by Ignatz and Prism Award-winning cartoonist Emma Jayne and colors by Sloane Leong!

After many grueling years of defending against colossal, violent creatures, the machine that will turn the conflict in humanity's favor is nearing completion...until the war unexpectedly comes to a sudden, peaceful resolution.

The world rejoices. However, two women fall into crisis as their life's work becomes obsolete.

Commander Sugimoto and her lead engineer Mischa Polyakov have spent nearly every waking moment together since the project's inception, but without the pretense of their careers and world-ending calamity, do they have a reason to stay in one another's lives?


“As usual, Emma manages to capture the particular tenderness that exists between trans people and the thrilling, heartbreaking uncertainty that comes with pursuing that destiny.” – Casey Nowak, No Better Words

“Boldly intimate queer sci-fi mixed with incredible colors—and cool robots—make LSBN a fun and intriguing ride to the end.” – Iasmin Omar Ata, Mis(h)adra

“The ornateness of Emma Jayne's neon mecha-landscapes both frame and are comfortably lived-in and dramatized by the tension and romance of its ambitious human characters. Love is felt in the details of the flesh and electric bodies that yearn for the future together.” – Sunmi, Firebird, Cameraman

"Jayne’s sly sense of humor pairs well with her imaginatively rendered sci-fi hardware and Leong’s bold palette. It’s a slim but spicy read that’s sure to tickle the fancy of queer sci-fi and romance fans." – Publishers Weekly

"A fantastic story about queer support, self-confidence, and the joys of transformation." – Dainy Bernstein, Shelf Awareness, starred review


Published by Silver Sprocket

Softcover; 80 full-color pages; 5" x 7"