When We Were Trekkies: The COMPLETE Bundle (issues #1 - #10)

Joe Sikoryak
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When We Were Trekkies: The COMPLETE Bundle

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Now’s a great time to suit up and jump in! Join Jonny, Harold and Tom as they explore strange new worlds in the early fan scene of 1970s New York City. The boys travel to the first Star Trek Conventions, Phil Seuling’s legendary Comic Art shows, Famous Monsters and more. Along the way they confront sultry competitors, prickly policemen and an uncaring world—as they come of age together.

When We Were Trekkies is created by Joe Sikoryak, who attended the early cons and lived to tell the tale. His memoir blends awkward adolescence, nerdish spectacle and a generous dash of adventure. While some names are changed, the costumes, festivities and unbridled passions are completely authentic.

5.5” x 8.5”, ten issues totaling 220 pages.
Duotone cover on 100# gloss, b&w interior, saddle stitched.