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"Bad Party" by Victor Kerlow

BAD PARTY collects recent comics by regular contributor to The New Yorker and New York Times, Victor Kerlow.

Check out these stories, and many more, in BAD PARTY:

 -Hang out with Hot Water Heater Kid as he bugs out on his first acid trip!

-Meet Ukelele, a glowing magenta boy from outer space, as he tries to make his lunch date!

-Witness a futuristic women's prison and it's lackadaisical procedures in SPACE JAIL 2099!

-Solve the mystery when a surprise party with a furry thing, a floating hand, a multi-eyed dude and several blobs gets weirder when the soda and snack disappear. Who took them?

-Watch a confused monster just say "fuck it" and end his life in THE END

-Say Hi to Frank the Addict and Pluto as they push their drug addled bodies to the limit!

-Learn the secrets of the universe in Tiny Green Bottle!

Published by Astro Plus Press

7.5" x 10", 50 pages. $10
Full-color cover & interiorSaddle-stitched