Island of Elin: Ley Lines #20

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"Island of Elin: Ley Lines #20" by Gloria Rivera

Ley Lines is a quarterly publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of comics and the various fields of art & culture that inspire us.

"To observe is to know."

Plover, a small bird, seeks the help of naturalist Elin to draw and preserve the memory of Plover’s ill, bedridden friend. This short narrative with underpinnings based on the ideology of the Hudson Valley painters (19th century), and largely inspired by the writings of John Muir and the life of Jean Rabin Audubon (two naturalists).

Published by Czap Books & Grindstone Comics

5” x 7.5”, 24 pages. $6
Risographed - Moss on lavender covers, moss on cream interiors. Saddle-stitched