Maqsood-I-Kainaat: Ley Lines #12

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"Maqsood-I-Kainaat: Ley Lines #12" by Shreyas R Krishnan

Ley Lines is a quarterly publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of comics and the various fields of art & culture that inspire us.

"The intention of creating universes"

"Abida. She who worships. The first time I heard her, I felt like I was drowning."

If art is a holy act of creation, what does that mean to an atheist artist? The Sufi singer Abida Parveen helps guide Shreyas R. Krishnan toward finding the religion in the ritual of drawing. This comic also explores the relationship between mark making, both the drawing and the print pattern, and song.

Published by Czap Books & Grindstone Comics

5” x 7.5”, 24 pages. $6
Risographed - Black on blue covers, burgundy on cream interiors. Saddle-stitched