Go F♥️ck Myself! The F♥️ckpendium

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"Go F*ck Myself! The F*ckpendium" by Mike Freiheit

Go F♥️ck Myself! is a sardonic screwball adventure depicting humanity’s trials and tribulations as its protagonist fumbles in and out of space and time. Our hero is seen in many incarnations, including an ape man scrambling to provide for his demanding cave wife, a futuristic everyguy who has everything except his hair, and a modern schlub looking for genuine connection in all the wrong places.

Each iteration confronts life’s societal pitfalls and absurd illogic, be they religion, food, politics or tribalism. Part autobiography, part space drama, part latchkey philosophy, the trilogy lays bare the existential nightmare of being alive in our world. But, you know, with jokes!

The F♥️ckpendium is a collection of the first two Go F♥️ck Myself! volumes with a never-before-seen third issue that completes the trilogy.

Published by Kilgore Books

7" x 10", 150 pages. $20
Full color covers with purple monochrome interior. Perfect-bound GN