Manor Threat: Snakepit Comics 2013-2015

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"Manor Threat: Snakepit Comics 2013-2015" by Ben Snakepit

Manor Threat contains three more years of daily diary comics from Ben Snakepit. This episode brings us to the town of Manor (pronounced "MAY-ner"), a suburb of Austin, Texas. Ben buys a house with his wife and adjusts to slow-paced country living. He also turns 40 and gets a new job, and then gets another job. Along the way, he draws a three-panel comic describing each day's events, however dramatic or monotonous. Against that steady march of time, patterns emerge and shift and the result is a meditative, addictive read that captures the humanity of everyday life. Bonus for true fans: A surprise ending!

Published by Microcosm Publishing

6" x 8", 288 pages. $14.95
Full-color cover with b+w interior. Perfect-bound GN