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"Jeremy" by Lauren Hinds

Jeremy is the boy's only friend. But, as the boy's uncle told him, one friend is all you need. Jeremy is mischievous and fearless, and when the two play, he's always in control. Together they steal fruit from the neighbors' trees and battle monsters only Jeremy can see. Their friendship is uneasy and at times dangerous—but try as he might, the boy can't say no to Jeremy.

Created by Lauren Hinds, a cartoonist from Trinidad and Tobago, Jeremy is a simple, poetic story about an uneasy friendship between two young boys. The comic was made in an unscripted way: Lauren drew each panel in her sketchbook without knowing where the story was heading. The story unfolds in an intuitive way, resulting in a vivid and authentic expression of a child's inner world. 

Published by Paper Rocket Minicomics

5.5" x 7", 60 pages. $9
Full-color covers and interior . Saddle-stitched