ALL TIME COMICS: Blind Justice #1

Josh Bayer
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"ALL TIME COMICS: Blind Justice #1"

From Fantagraphics, the publisher of the world's greatest cartoonists, comes ALL TIME COMICS, a shared superhero universe featuring the world’s most fanta*stic heroes. Atlas! Blind Justice! Bullwhip! Crime Destroyer! Each issue of ALL TIME COMICS features a mash up of new cartoonists and classic comic book creators collaborating with writer Josh Bayer to unleash superhero stories that no other publisher would dare to publish: a stunning series of six comic books featuring startling stand alone, interconnected adventures chock full of retro crime fighting.

BLIND JUSTICE #1: “I am no one. I come from nowhere--and disappear into nothing.” By day, he is a patient in a trauma center. But at night, when he is needed, he rises. For he is Blind Justice, the Man Who Walks Through Bullets!  Artist Rick Buckler Jr. makes his ALL TIME COMICS debut, together with writer/artist Josh Bayer and inker Al Milgrom, for a pulse shattering thriller. Justice can’t die!

Variant covers by Victor Martinez and Tim Lane

Published by Fantagraphics Books

6.6" x 10.2", 28 pages. $4
Full-color covers and interior. Saddle-stitched

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