An Introduction To Alcohol

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"An Introduction To Alcohol" by Karl Christian Krumpholz. 

Can patterns of bad behavior be broken, or are we doomed to repeat the sins of the father? Darkly funny, this story plumbs the artist's troubled relationship with his dad and the role alcohol played in that struggle. INTRO tells a true tale with complex characters.

In his youth, Karl’s father took him to bars and taverns where the young artist got a firsthand look at alcohol, the highs and lows, effects on family and its place in our culture. This is a comic about growing up, accepting parents and learning to come to terms with their shortcomings. A great read for anyone who has had alcohol-related family issues. An Introduction to Alcohol debuted at the 2017 Denver Comic and Arts Expo (DINK) where it won Best in Show.

Published by Tinto Press

6.75" x 10.25", 24 pages $5
Full-color covers and interiorSaddle-stitched