Bourbaki + Erdos-Bacon

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"Bourbaki" + "Erdos-Bacon" by Adam Pasion

In 1929 mathematician Andre Weil was arrested under suspicion of espionage. On his person was a fake passport under the name Nicolas Bourbaki, as well an invitation to the wedding of his daughter, Betty Bourbaki to the renowned lion hunter, H. Petard. While Bourbaki and Petard were both accomplished mathematicians, published in notable academic journals, neither of them nor Betty Bourbaki actually existed. This true story of secret math societies, academic pranksters, and espionage is printed on a tetra-tetra flexagon - meaning on single sheet of paper has four unique pages that can be exposed by folding it in a special way. 

This comes with another mathematical comic called Erdos-Bacon Number - in which readers can discover 6 people who can both be linked to Kevin Bacon on screen, and linked academically to Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdos. This comic is printed on a tetra-hexa flexagon, meaning it has six unique pages on a single sheet of paper.

Published by BigUglyRobot Press

Bourbaki = 7" x 9.75", one tetra-tetra flexagon in printed slipcase, 1-color risograph
Erdos-Bacon = 4" x 4", one tetra-hexa flexagon in printed slipcase, 1-color risograph
$5 for both!