Cadaver Chronicles

Kriota Willberg
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I teach a drawing class in a cadaver lab. The sketches I draw from this dream job plus 20 more years of drawing bodies and anatomy have inspired me to make Cadaver Chronicles, a philosophical, occasionally explicit, and sometimes poignant and funny graphic memoir about childhood, anatomy, death, dying, healthcare, art, food, and relationships. These episodes are a preview of the novel-to-be! I have a long history with anatomy studies and health sciences. For me, every living creature has an anatomical identity. So much so that anatomy is not only an area of scientific knowledge and technical specificity, it’s a lifestyle!


The study of animal and human bodies affected my perception of the dead and gives me context for reflection on the deaths of my parents, patients, others, and ultimately of me. This first episode reflects on my childhood perceptions of death and how my father encouraged my studies of animals and anatomy by dissecting a frog with me in our basement!


Size: 6.5” x 9.5”

Page count: 24 plus covers

Saddle stitched

Cost: $12