In The City, Part Two

Karl Christian Krumpholz
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"In The City, Part Two" by Karl Christian Krumpholz

"All cities are mad; but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful, but the beauty is grim." - Christopher Morley

In Part Two, Kelly and Karl continue to wander The City night after night, witnessing the small and grand things around them, the quiet moments, sudden clashes, the beauty and grimness of everyday city life. Passing through the various happy hours, they run into the characters, deadbeats, street people, and bar flies that you find in every neighborhood.

Part autobiography, part journalism, Karl Christian Krumpholz documents the people’s lives and city experiences into a narrative about modern life. This is part two in a continuing series and a follow up to his previous comic 'The Lighthouse in The City.'

6" x 9", 48 pages. Full-cover cover and interior. $12.00