Costume Parade

Joe Sikoryak
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Costume Parade - A 1970s Cosplay Coloring Book by Joe Sikoryak

A crazy cast of characters ready for you to make even more colorful!

While researching When We Were Trekkies, I uncovered many wild and wonderful photos of early cosplayers. This book is a love letter to costume parades from a time when there were no props to buy, little photo reference to find, and certainly, no understanding or appreciation outside of the conventions themselves.

All characters depicted in this book were actually spotted on the mouldering red and gold hotel carpets of the era (including the celebrity guest stars!) Only the groupings have been changed, to maximize the fun.

When We Were Trekkies is created by Joe Sikoryak, who attended some of the first conventions of the 1970s. His memoir blends awkward adolescence, nerdish spectacle and a generous spirit of adventure. While certain details are fictionalized, the costumes, festivities and unbridled passions are completely authentic.

7” x 8.5”, 20 pages. $8
B/W cover on 65# matte cardstock, saddle stitched.