CUTTING UP! With Scalpy, The Talking Scalpel

Kriota Willberg
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"Cutting up! With Scalpy, the talking scalpel!" by Kriota Willberg


Our experiences of medicine and surgery can be terrifying, frustrating, boring, and sad. But for some of us humor about healthcare can be a welcome coping mechanism!

The jokes in this comic are the result of years of emersion in the world of surgery as an artist, massage therapist, an educator, and a patient. Each page of medical humor contains a footnote about the topic of the joke and a citation in case you’d like to do some research, yourself.

How do you take the edge off loads of surgical data that may be distressing to some readers? A talking scalpel, that’s how. So, let’s have some laughs about surgery and medicine!

5.5" x 8.5", 12 pages. $6
Full-color covers and interior. Saddle-stitched