Don't Trust Whitey CD + comic

James Kochalka
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23 song CD and 16 page comic book

The long out-of-print lost album by James Kochalka Superstar!  But we still have a few hidden away.  The comic is made of excerpts from the American Elf diary strip, mostly pertaining to working on the album.  23 amazing songs including Turn Down the Stereo, Don't Trust Whitey, Copenhagen China Box, Pussy Gangster, Talk to the Wookie, Silly Lily Pond, Neigh-neigh & Woo-woo, Amthsterdam!, Frog on Top of a Skyscraper, Smells like James Kochalka, Even the Clouds Get High, Corn on the Cob, Sleighride to Heck, Toast, Smile, Ozzy & I, Miniature Stairway to Heaven, Hello Computer, Woo-woo & Neigh-neigh, Saving my Strength, Bat Man Bud Light, Cutie, and Vermonter.

Watch the Copenhagen China Box video: