Forever and Everything Compilation Zine

Kyle Bravo
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"Forever and Everything Compilation Zine" by Kyle Bravo

This compilation collects the first 4 issues of Kyle Bravo‘s autobio comic, Forever and Everything.

Kyle struggles to adapt to new fatherhood, forgets his wife’s birthday, endures jury duty, makes art, teaches art, goes on a road trip with his family, struggles with his relationship with his extended family, second guesses himself, freaks out about the election of Trump, goes to therapy, gets neurotic about his health, goes to SPX, struggles with existential uncertainties, starts to wear suspenders, has a second kid, and enjoys eating some string cheese. Funny, poignant, relatable. 

8.5” x 11,” 52 pages, $10
1-color risograph covers and interior . Saddle-stitched