Free Money #6

Daniel McCloskey
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"Free Money #6" by Daniel McCloskey

In the year 2046 everybody hustles to get by and Neema Gould is no exception. With nothing but her phone and her wits Neema Gould is hiding from trigger happy security forces and looking for her most valuable asset, robot that she calls Money.

Drawn in the unique style that brought you Top of the Line and A Film About Billy, Free Money is a fantasy for the 99% of us who are just trying to keep it together.

In order to draw this comic Daniel McCloskey moved into a van and drove to Price Utah (where this issue takes place). He spent two weeks sketching and taking photos while living at a free campsite. Dan continues to travel and live in his van as he works on comics (more information about Dan at

"Free Money is really good stuff.
Jim Rugg - Street Angel, Afrodisiac

"It’s good edgy fun, gracefully drawn."
  Bill O’Driscoll- Pittsburgh City Paper

7.25" x 11", 20 pages. $1
Full-color on unbound newsprint.