Fungus #1

James Kochalka
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"FUNGUS #1" by James Kochalka
James Kochalka spins tales of mossy pools and the characters that live in them.  Two mushroom dudes are looking for an awesome party while discussing the nature of existence,  two mossy lumps are convinced they are the true inventors of Facebook but that someone stole it from them, and another fungus is looking for a place where the cell phone reception is rumored to be so good you can actually talk to god.
Each copy comes with 3D glasses to view the front and back covers.  With a little effort you should be able to focus correctly and see the 3D.
Pulished by Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics
5.5" x 8.5", 32 pages. $5
B+w interior with full-color (3D) covers . Saddle-stitched