Good Person Trouble

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"Good Person Trouble" by Noëlle Kröger

Translated by Natalye Childress

Sebastian, the tobacconist, stands trial for the disappearance of his cousin Teresa, but all is not what it seems in this courtroom drama. How can anyone be good when the pressures of society push down on them? Bertolt Brecht meets Judith Butler in this debut graphic novel.

Praise for Noëlle Kröger:

WINNER of the 2021 GINCO Award for Good Person Trouble.

“A fearless work of art. A scathing and achingly tender critique of society. Told in a dreamy silly way, like Cocteau (but as uncompromising as Varda). What a book, I am truly wrecked on this read.” - Arpad Okay, Comics Beat

“Fantastic. A beautifully stylized bit of comics-as-theater, at once guttingly cynical, intimately tender, and immensely charming, with really wonderful cartooning. I loved it.” - Hagai Palevsky, Gutter Review, PanelXPanel, SOLRAD

 Published by Fieldmouse Press

5.83" x 8.26", 100 pages. $20
Full-color covers and interior. Perfect-bound GN