Honeymoon In The Afterlife

Matt Canning
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"Honeymoon In The Afterlife" by Matt Canning

UK artist Matt Canning's comic book of droll existentialism. Asks questions about identity, autonomy, death and rebirth, and answers them all with a wry shrug.

"There are very clear feelings throughout this book. You get these strangely strong emotions from these very simply drawn ghosts: happiness, sadness, loneliness, bonding, love. There's a sense of dread hanging over everything. It's just beautiful."
Mike Rapin at IRCB podcast

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11.5" x 15", 52 page. $12
Full-color cover with b+w (with occasional spot color) interior on oversized newsprint
* Limited edition of 100 *


6" x 7", 52 pages. $10
Risograph dust jacket over a perfect-bound soft-cover book. B+w (with occasional spot color) interior.