I Thought You Hated Me

Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics
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"I Thought You Hated Me" by MariNaomi

When MariNaomi first meets Mirabai in grade school, Mirabai seems to be more of a bully than a friend. But over the course of time, their relationship shifts from tense to friendly, to drifting apart, to reconnecting and finding something much deeper.

I Thought You Hated Me is a comics memoir about female friendship, a story that doesn't involve stale tropes like acrimonious competition or fighting over boys. It explores the complexity and depth of this particular friendship through snapshot-vignettes of relevant moments over thirty years, painting a portrait of something unique but relatable, common but extraordinary.

Published by Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics

9.5" x 7", 64 pages. $9
Full-color cover with b+w interior. Perfect-bound GN