MISFORTUNE: A Book of Illustrated Fortune Cookie Messages

Birdcage Bottom Books
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"MISFORTUNE: A Book of Illustrated Fortune Cookie Messages" by Aeon Hand

MISFORTUNE is a dark look into the prisms that create the illusion we call modern life, guided by messages from fortune cookies. The illustrations within explore the many facets of our world, from the horrifying to the darkly funny, by way of pairing drawings with seemingly innocuous fortunes. Sometimes bleak, sometimes amusing, often contemplative, this book is sure to leave readers with more questions than answers.

Published by Birdcage Bottom Books

8” x 8”, 140 pages. $16.99
Black + white cover with b+w interior. Perfect-bound
** SPECIAL DEAL! For $40, you'll get the book PLUS four 8.5x11 black risograph prints on cream cardstock, limited edition of 25 sets total **