Monkey Vs. Robot CD + Comic book

James Kochalka
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Monkey Vs. Robot
30-track CD and 20-page comic book

The comic in the included booklet is a story about Adam in the garden of eden, an insect Satan, and Satan's first robot.

This album is a total classic, full of wild, youthful energy.  Hockey Monkey and Pizza Rocket were both made into animated shorts for Nickeloeon's KaBlam.  Hockey Monkey was used as the theme song to the Fox TV sitcom, The Loop.  And the song Monkey Vs. Robot was a huge hit on both college radio and the XMsirius satellite radio kid's channel.

The 30 tracks on the CD include some of Kochalka's biggest hits: Bad Astronaut, Soundcheck of Love, Monkey Vs. Robot, Little Robot Lost in Space, Hockey Monkey, Show Respect to Michael Jackson, False Start, President Kochalka, Fifteen Teenage Girls, I Am Rock, Ocean of Girls, Beautiful Christmas Lights, Peanut Butter & Jellyfish, Pizza Rocket, Keg Party, Put Down the Gun, Bathroom Buddies, Hot Rod Monkey, Pony the Penis, Punch the Clock, Ballbuster, Monkey Drum Solo, The Pulse, Twinkle Twinkle Ringo Starr, and more.

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