Mourning Doves Are People, Too

Demi Naito
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"Mourning Doves Are People, Too" by Demi Naito

Demi Naito’s Mourning Doves are People, Too tells the story of how, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the birds that visited her courtyard became her closest neighbors. The original dove (OG) stayed in the courtyard most of the day and gave her company. As their distance became closer, Demi and the doves learned to trust each other. The doves opened her eyes to their world and nature and taught her that she wasn’t alone but was a part of nature.

Charming, often funny, and sometimes dramatic, Demi’s comics will have you turning pages and glancing out your window!


Winner, 2022 MICE Mini-Grant

24 pages. Full Color Cover with B&W interior.
8.5" × 8.75". Saddle Stitched.