Mr. Wolf #4

Aron Nels Steinke
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“Mr. Wolf #4″ by Aron Nels Steinke

Mr. Wolf begins teaching his fourth year at a new school.

“His observations about the kids are warm and knowing without descending into saccharine sweetness or sentimentality. Indeed, there’s something raw and real about his observations and how in many ways he’s more like one of them than he is like many of the adults, even if he is an authority figure whom many of the children respect and admire. It also helps that this strip is very funny, with Steinke no doubt curating the funniest things he’s experienced or heard other teachers relate to him. His drawing is simple, cute and powerfully expressive, getting across the emotions and mental states of the kids with greater facility than if he had used a more realistic approach. Comics about teaching are still fairly rare, and I hope Steinke continues to develop his observations and witty, humane approach to discussing the children under his tutelage.”

- Rob Clough – High-Low

4.25″ x 5.5″, 36 pages. $5
Full-color cover with b&w interior. Saddle-stitched