Oak & Linden #4 (Dental Damned!!)

Pat Barrett
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Baby Pat accepts a broken tooth with a sunny disposition and a new, wild yarn fabricated for each person who asks how he hurt himself. Only a ruthless oral surgeon can extract the mundane truth from our hero. Frantic action in technicolor hues tips a hat to classic animated shorts in this flipbook-sized mini. The Grown-Up Babies have been obsessively branding themselves and getting into minor trouble in shorts appearing in the Caboose tabloid comic anthology and Barrett’s own Oak & Linden issue # 2.

“Barrett takes a standard autobio trope (a story about a medical problem) and spins it into an exaggerated series of gags. In terms of images, the panel where one sees a huge penis juxtaposed against Barrett’s cute drawing style was especially funny, as was the naturalistically-drawn close-up of the rot & gore in his mouth.”

Rob Clough | High-Low || September 28 2011

“The art is a pleasing blend of classic cartoons with a smidge here and there of some of the great underground artists, but all very clearly his own style. Baby Pat’s beatific face as he gets ready to tell his story to the mail carrier, or how his posture changes between approaching the dentist’s office and seeing the dentist, and really the entire encounter with the dentist, were all things of beauty.”

Kevin Bramer | Optical Sloth || April 5 2012

7.5" x 3.25", 16 pages. $2
Full-color cover & interior. Saddle-stitched