Perry Shitlife

H.O.T. Press Comics
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"Perry Shitlife" by S.R. Arnold

The follow up to last year's critically murmured about comicbook Perry Midlife. PERRY SHITLIFE jumps back ten years to a critical moment in our character's life. A late bloomer's coming of age of sorts, but instead of maturing you regress into a delinquent primordial ooze. This is a love letter to the DIY Philly punk scene, friendships, mental health and self identity. Perry struggles to find a balance between playing in his band, clawing out of the gutter and looking for love. Another tale of auto-bio-fabulism by S.R. Arnold.

80 pages of GREY + WHITE degenerate storytelling. Twice as long and half as good as the first book. Be the first to read the book that had my mom saying, "This made me sad."

Featuring lots of cameos and pinups by comic's most revered artists: Nate McDonough, MS Harkness, Ryan Alves, Victoria Douglas and Drew Lerman!

Published by H.O.T. Press Comics

8" x 11.75", 80 pages. $15
Full-color covers with B+W interior. Saddle-stitched.