Root Hog Or Die DVD

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Root Hog or Die, $15: DVD with 104 minute documentary on John Porcellino, 40 minutes of outtakes and extras, and an exclusive 8-page John P. comic

For over twenty-five years, John Porcellino has self-published his zine ‘King-Cat Comics & Stories,' which, through simple artwork and storytelling, investigates the essence of just being alive.

In King-Cat, John beautifully renders the "in-between moments" - those instances which occupy the bulk of our lives, but can pass easily without notice: Sitting on the front porch. Peeing at a rest stop. Watching a bird. With humor, compassion and a keen eye, John shows readers what they might be missing, and in doing so inspires many to embrace life more fully.

Born of the zine revolution of the late eighties/early nineties, King-Cat today is the template for cartoonists who seek to create work that is personal, well-crafted and free of outside influence.

From following John around on tour & in the woods to interviewing fellow cartoonists & zinesters, wives & girlfriends, friends & bandmates, ‘Root Hog or Die’ illustrates how John manages - and occasionally struggles - to live and function as an uncompromising artist in
twenty-first century America.

Produced & created by Dan Stafford/Kilgore Books & Comics.
Graphic Design by Sam Spina