Short And Merciless Stories

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"Short and Merciless Stories" by Marco Taddei & Simone Angelini

Translated from Italian, "Short and Merciless Stories" is a wonderful collection written by Marco Taddei and drawn by Simone Angelini. Each of these fables pulls from the strong sense of dread that we all have hidden in the pit of our stomach and forces us to laugh about it. 

Whether a farmer's descent into existential delusion or a common house fly's speedy evolution into a social network hound, you'll be kept off-balance as you are entertained. Angelini's highly personal and sensitive artwork brings to mind the work of Henri Rousseau and is the perfect compliment to Taddei's direct uncomplicated use of words.

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6.75" x 9.25", 110 pages. $12.99
Full-color cover with b+w interior. Perfect-bound GN